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Crystal Dragon Family Martial Arts provides superior instruction in Karate and Martial Arts in Columbiana, OH.

The Crystal Dragon Family Martial Arts Center, LLC, founded in 1978, teaches Goshin Jutsu Karate, Aiki Jutsu and Jujutsu. The Crystal Dragon provides a safe, friendly, family atmosphere in which to learn a traditional, self-defense oriented martial art. Because it incorporates karate, aiki jutsu and jujutsu, Goshin Jutsu provides a depth of learning not found in most other martial arts or martial sports. For this reason, many practitioners of other styles train in Goshin Jutsu to deepen their martial arts knowledge. The techniques are effective and practical and do not require gymnastic ability or a great deal of strength. Because the emphasis is on avoiding direct attacks and striking to vital areas, Goshin Jutsu is well suited to both men and women.

While most adults study a martial art for self-defense, self-confidence and improved fitness and flexibility, children have different needs and goals. Crystal Dragon’s children’s program is more than just teaching kicking and punching. While our children’s program does teach children how to defend themselves, the emphasis is on developing strength of character so that our children grow up to be responsible leaders in our society. No other sport can match the character building aspects of the martial arts.

For preschoolers (ages 4-6), our LITTLE NINJAS Program is an age-specific curriculum that is professionally designed to teach children important life skills in a fun, exciting manner. Our secret to teaching your child coordination, concentration and self-control is a unique method we like to call "Edu-tainment". This uses the excitement and fun of the LITTLE NINJA martial arts skills to teach key life lessons you would want your child to know. 

NINJA JUNIORS is a class for 7 to 13 year olds and is managed much like our regular karate classes.  Students continue to gain strength, coordination and confidence while learning the material that they will need to reach gold and green belt levels. 

Additional classes include our REGULAR adult classes and ADVANCED training classes.  TAI CHI is also available on Saturday mornings.
The Crystal Dragon Karate Academy is located near the center of Columbiana and is a short drive from Boardman, Canfield, Salem, and Lisbon.

Contact us to let us know how we can help you.

(330) 482 1244

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